April 17 to 19 Inventing Cart in 2x4x22 show

April 21, 2009


I left the cart in Park Lafontaine as an installtion. The materials were all found in the park, all that was added to the space is the cart itself.


The Cart Invention is coming…

April 17, 2009

Last week, I bought a set of wheels to be screwed to a 2×4 piece of plywood. I did not know how to screw the wheels, I was just going to do it with a screwdriver and regular screws. I thank one of my classmates, Geneviève, who pointed out that I had to actually drill holes in the wood to make it happen. I now have wheels on this piece of plywood and a rope to pull it. Tomorrow, I will begin conceptualizing what this plywood on wheels could become. I bought a big sketchpad, I prepared visual aids for people to draw from, I’m ready to do this.


The pile of things on my floor I will be bringing tomorow…

Inventing the CART

March 7, 2009


The Cart VS The Traveling- Object VS Process- Noun VS  Verb


Inventing,Making Art,Playing,Science/Technology,Research,Exploration,
not expecting any result,pretend,Non-Functional(Anti Design), Fun, Learning,Process,Object, Artist Clichés (drawing),Showing/Selling art, Interacting, People, Relationships, Community


Last Semester’s Ideas


Important moments of my Childhood

– I used to be obsessed with science, pretending to execute scientific experiments, reading about whales and nature, inventing things that don’t work and stuff. My dad set up a “lab” for me next to the sink in the basement, there I would spend hours mixing baking soda and viegar, playing with magnets ect. I now see this as the art practice of my childhood. I did not really have an interest in science, more of an interst in experimenting, exploring making.the process of making somehting. I was playing scientist but really I was making art. Today Iam the least of a scientific person, the left side of my brain has shut down. I play therfore I make art.

– When I was around 7 or 8 I would take a drawer out of a chest of drawers and put it on towel. I would enter the drawer and push myself around the house with this device  I had invented;a piece of would with an inside out half of a tennis ball at the the top for resistence on the floor. Cart inspiration!

-My dad gave me this extra special tool box for Christmas when I was 11 . All of my friends got tickets for the BackstreeBoys show, or a Nintendo64. I got a tool box. I was happy, made lots of crap with it.



What I am proposing as a traveling  cart, would be an investigation on the implications of inventing a cart object.  I am interested in how this implies the process of inventing, exploration, making something as if  to come to a final result(but not really) and what is an object  and what is a cart really. With all of the imagination and creativity I can put together, I will try to invent the best possible CART object during the traveling cart show. The project will be broken down like this:

-The first part or day of the project I will be drawing  different possibilities for the cart. The cart drawings will not be limited by real life restrictions. I will use the cart as a site for idea devlopment, research(lab) and art practice (studio). I will also possibly invite other people to submit a cart drawing as I am intersted in  investigating cart inventions beyond my personal limitations.

-The second part/day of the project I will be exhibiting/selecting the drawings on my cart. I will be showing them  and asking different people which drawing they think would be the best CART. The cart will therefor become a site for art to be shown, a presentation of research a science fair stand and so on.

-The third day I will be building the selected cart, the building process will also not be limited by real life restrictions and it will be an activity that will take the format of play and pretend, the final result will not be one that will be functional or exceptional.


-Should I restrict myself to only bringing certain materials on my cart for each day/part of the project, for example the  last day/part only bring my tool box…?????

-Should I be building my cart from materials I will be collecting from my travels ( I think this is interesting as it emphasizes the site specificity)…????

–  How exacly should I show the drawings the second day/part. Simply pin the to my cart or something or exagerate the presentation as if science faire or whatever…????


Geaoffrey Farmer


Michel De Broin


Drawing Inspiration: Thomas Hicks




Hello world!

March 7, 2009

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